Have you just discovered a mold problem in your home? Or are you struggling with odor in your home following a flood, fire, or other issue?

Then it’s time to act fast and call in our 24-hour mold and odor removal services.

Why Do You Need Emergency
Disaster Restoration for Mold?

Sometimes, you may only detect a mold problem because you and your family have started to feel unwell. That’s because many species of mold can grow undetected, remaining invisible to the naked eye.

But if left untreated, mold can grow at an exponential rate, potentially having a devastating impact on the health of you and your family, while also damaging your property in the process. In as little as 48 hours, mold can start to spread, producing irritants and allergens that may result in respiratory problems, especially in the young and elderly.

In severe cases, properties may even be deemed uninhabitable because the mold poses a severe threat to the inhabitants’ health.

Getting Rid of Mold from Your Home

High-heat drying or UV light techniques are often futile and could cause more problems, which is why it’s important to seek our expert help if you’ve been told there’s a mold issue in your home.

Moisture and water provide prime growing conditions for mold. This could arise if you’ve suffered from water damage, have an untreated leak, or there’s a buildup of condensation, for example.

As the temperature rises, the mold breeds, grows, and develops. Over time, mold may release spores into the air, and it’s these that can have a detrimental effect on your health. Even as the temperatures start to dip or your home dries out, the mold will continue to grow.

By calling our team, we’ll come to your property armed with state-of-the-art equipment that will get rid of this mold from floors, walls, and integral structures. Once removed, we’ll then treat the area with specialist mold remediation products that help prevent the problem from returning in the future. And if anything has been damaged by the mold, we’ll remove it and restore it to its original condition if possible. 

Odor Removal

When there’s been a disaster in your home, odors can linger for months, or perhaps even years. These serve as a constant reminder of the trauma you and your family has suffered from. Or you may have moved into a new property that was previously overrun with pets, causing an animal stench that’s unbearable to live with.

Whatever odor that is in your home, it can become trapped in just about everything, from the upholstery to the paint, and even the floorboards and walls themselves.

Treating them at the source is key, and that’s just what our technicians can do. We’ll inspect your property to find out where the smell is coming from, while also checking for bacteria, mold, and toxins that could be adding to the problem.

Then, we’ll use our expert knowledge and state-of-the-art tools to eradicate the odors once and for all.

Our odor removal team is trained to locate and remove odors that originate from bacteria, rotten food, dead animals, blood spills, filth, mold, crime scene debris, and more. No job is too big or small!

Why Choose Our Mold and Odor
Removal Services?

When you hire the team at Gold Choice Restoration, you can be confident that the emergency disaster restoration service you receive will be second to none. From the ongoing communication our certified technicians provide you with to the incredible results you’ll witness in your home once our work is done, we’ll go above and beyond to make sure you enjoy a stress-free, highly-professional service at all times.

Equally, if your insurance company is involved because of a flood or fire we’ll deal directly with them. This means there’s no need to worry about organizing paperwork, filing documents, or paying us for our services.

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Don’t chance off-the-shelf mold treatments that may cause further damage to your home and health. And don’t suffer in silence with stubborn bad odors that continue to linger. Put your trust in our professional emergency disaster restoration team and leave everything to us.

It’s time to enjoy the peace of mind that our mold and odor removal services will provide and identify the source of your problem before eradicating it for good.

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