Repainting Your Home For a New Look

Repainting Your Home For a New Look

Do you want your home to look like new? Or do you want a new look? Why not repaint your home? Gold Choice Restoration would love to help you with your dilemma. Grab a seat and put up your feet, while you continue to read on. 

Painting your home is a simple way to give your home a fresh new look, but it is also a major undertaking. The most common problem or issue that comes to mind is choosing the right color. Here are some points you should consider before starting the job. 

You can start by checking that the areas to be painted are clean and free of any cracks. You can use a putty or caulk to fill out any imperfections or cracks. You will also need the surface to be smooth, so sanding the rough surfaces are recommended. But you can skip sanding if it is intended to be rough. 

You will also need to know what the areas are to be painted and what material they are made of. This will help you know which type of paint to buy. It will also be helpful with what color palette to use.  

You need to know the right paint to buy for each material. Doing a test patch is advisable to see the compatibility. Applying primer is important because it is used as an adhesive to prevent paint from peeling off your wall. It also helps the paint to show its real color in the least coating. 

You will also need to check the weather forecast, rain would wash away the paint outdoors. That is why Summer is the best time to paint your home! Go get your home painted, while the Summer is still on! 

You would want a company that will give you the best painting service in town! Call Gold Choice Restoration now and have your home painted by our trained and skilled professionals! Call (214)989-7132 NOW! You can also visit http://www.goldchoicerestoration.com/Our-Services/Construction-Roofing  to learn more about us and the services we offer! 

Tips on Painting Your Home 

Check out these tips on how to make your home painting stunning and easy! 


Tip #1: Choose quality over price. Better quality paint does not require buying expensive paint, it means that you won't have to touch up the paint as much. 

Tip #2: Always make sure that the surface to be painted is clean and smooth. Paint needs a solid surface for it to adhere. 

Tip #3: Paint won’t adhere to rotten or wet surfaces. It is best to replace rotten surfaces.  

Tip #4: It is important to use a primer before painting just as the rule of thumb. But most new paint technology has combined primer and paint as one, this allows you to cut down not only on time but also effort. 

Tip #5: Mixing paints in a big bucket is a must to ensure a uniform color of the mix. This is commonly called boxing the paint. Most of the pros follow this method. 

Tip #6: When painting, start from the from the top all the way down. This is to control and minimize mistakes. 

Tip #7: After painting for the day, make sure that you tightly seal paint containers to ensure that the paint doesn’t dry out. 

Tip #8: To add a little texture on porch floors, add a little of fine sand to the paint. You can also use play sand or additives that are now being produced by manufacturers to add extra texture. 

Tip #9: Painting can get messy so make sure to cover flooring or ground and bushes before painting. 

Tip #10: Be sure to use the right type of exterior or interior paint. Each material has a certain type of paint to be used. 


Choosing the Paint color for your home 

Have you ever been in two rooms with the same space, and wonder why each room has a unique feel, one may look more spacious than the other, or the other room feels comfortable but the other feels uneasy? 

Aside from the interior design the color of the paint gives a big impact on how the room would look and feel. 

When choosing the best color for a specific room you need to know what feeling or aura you would want it to look like or feel. The color will modify the mood of the room, you can make the room brighter or darker, or alive and relaxing. 

You can brush up on your primary lesson with a color wheel, colors that are near each other will allow one color to stand out more. While colors that are opposite each other will play nice with each other. 

If you want your room to look spacious consider using cool colors like blue, green and purple that will give the appearance of a larger looking room, while airy colors like red, orange, and yellow will give a more vibrant and lively appearance. 

If you want a soothing look for a room, you’d want to paint it within a shade of color or monochrome. Light colors like lavender, pink, and blue can also create a romantic ambiance in the room. 

If you want an elegant looking room, you’d want to use neutral color paints like almond, white, or beige and you could add a little shade of earthy tones, like mahogany or garnet. 

It is best to make a list of your colors and ask for a professional to narrow it down or give you the best option for your house. Just call (214)989-7173 for help! Gold Choice Restoration Team will make sure to give you the best color palette for your home considering your preference and the mood you like for the room. We will make sure that we will give you the best painting service you’ll ever have in your life.